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Originally Posted by johanness View Post
Won't be long before all Audi drivers = COCKS in China and take that torch from BMW. We passed that gallstone a few years back (ala Jeremy Clarkson). China just has to mature like fine wine
In reality every driver in china are cocks. I've been driving in China and Hong Kong for about 4 years now and I gotta say, doesnt matter what car you drive, you're an asshole. Be it an Audi, BMW, Benz, Bentley, Rolls, or BYD, or a Taxi, you're a fucking asshole lol (sadly including myself).

The thing is, China forces you to drive like an ass. To drive in their place, you must become one. To be inconsiderately rushed to wherever you are going. In a place where line-cutting is a sport and the speed limit is just a suggestion, the game is to get from point A to B the fastest or the safest. On a highway with posted speed of 100kmh, you will encounter people going 60kmh (usually on the phone) or people going 140. Then you got the millions of goods vehicles that never look before changing lanes. Everytime I cross the border from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, my heart rate slows down significantly because of the cleanliness and the order, but hell its not even close to the calm driving of Vancouver.

Buicks are cool in China because they planted their roots long long time ago. They had time to build their brand image unlike the recent followers that finally decided China was a big market. The change of view in status of cars are changing every year. If you drive anything less than an S-class, 7series, bentley, or range rover, you are probably a nobody or a follower of a somebody. Pimping aint easy, but apparently in China millions of people are making billions in China. Im still hustling to make ends meet but to see the changes in the past 5 years has made me feel from rich to poor when doing business in china.