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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
The big advantage we have is the broad, flat torque curve, making it easy to adjust and control power through the tight sections and slaloms.
Plus, I think, a smaller package with better dynamics.

In ESP I think I'd go with the Mustang GT with the 3.73 FD and Brembo brakes. Of course, in ESP you'll have to contend with my old friend Mr. Madarash, but it's a hell of a class... Their basic suspensions and high torque work VERY well on flat AX circuits. Add tire and go...

IF an E92 were classed in ESP, then a very serious lightening would possibly bring it into competitiveness, but it's starting behind in almost every way these days. More weight and less torque means... slower. HP counts for very little when you spend more than half the lap in the middle of the torque curve.

Yes, if I were going to choose a car specifically for ESP, it would almost certainly be the new Mustang. I don't have the idea of changing the class paradigm, I just like the idea of throwing it down with the Detroit Iron. The M3 should make a good showing.