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  1. Dumping a 30rd mag out one of my WASR10s (AK-pattern rifles). Actually, dumping mags outa just about anything. It's a childish waste of ammo, but it brings a smile to my face everytime.
  2. Kicking a chick out RIGHT after you finish.
  3. Operating a Cat D8 dozer. I don't really know what I'm doing with heavy equipment, on. Smash shit!
  4. Wrecking something expensive, epically, in front of your friends and other people that envy you and acting all "F it... We'll get another one."
  5. When the gate attendant calls your name for an upgrade for a 14hr flight to Doha or Dubai or someplace far.
  • This is by far the best but only happened once: Seeing the skank whore that I was dumb enough to think I wanted to marry once waiting at a cross walk in the city outside of one of the hospitals after not having seen her for a couple years after she ran off.... She's clearly mega pregnant and looks like fuck hanging on the arm of some dude that looks like he sells crack and is homeless (I believe her older sister that hated me was with them as well - aw... a family visit to the poor people's preggers clinic). She notices you (think Ving Rhames style from Pulp Fiction) and you think you see a longing-compassionate facial expression (ohh woe is me)... You smile, rev up your BMW 335xi coupe, chirp a little tire, and run the red light in front of them- Because You Don't Give a Fuck. Hot date in your e92 asks why you just did that and you say, "Bc I could."
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