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Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
Not at all, this was the case when the first owner of my previous E90 had it done, it was so yellow that I just removed it all. But now they have upgraded their products and they are almost invisible, honestly having a dark car really helps, you can't notice it on my Jet Black.

OP - get it from the dealership and add a warranty to it? I did this and already got it replaced with-in the first 6 months. Plan on getting it re-done after winter too and then I'll see how it holds up without it coming into contact with rain in the first couple of days.

Edit - My warranty is valid for SIX years so that's why I'd suggest going this way.
I talked to a couple of very knowledgeable people that said the clear bra won't make the paint a different color once removed.

I am having Ultimate Shield do the work (they also offer a warranty) because I like to keep my car out of the dealer's hands. I trust this company to do a good job way more than my local dealer.