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Originally Posted by cidle323 View Post
The Proceed V5 allows the user to tune! I was never really too impressed with the supercharger kit before having Shiv install and tune the Procede/Meth kit.....
Thanks for the kind word. BTW, I should have that bracket for you soon. Just finishing up the design right now

Originally Posted by leigh View Post
had one ever been done on a ess supercharger?
I have only tested it on one supercharged car running a g-power intercooled system. But it would work identically on any supercharger, regardless of manufacturer. Just install it and go.

Originally Posted by Ateam View Post
is this something a total amateur could install? Or will shiv install if we drive down to his shop? I would make the drive if I could get the man himself to install this bad boy. WIth 110 degrees summers and difficulty in getting race gas and the expense this would really be great
It is very easy to install. It's all pre-assembled and plug-and-play. The harnesses are already built and all you have to do is route them through your engine bay. Just need 3 tools and about 2hrs of free time. You don't have to jack the car up or even remove any wheels. Everything is done from under the hood. Much easier than installing a pulley I think.