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Originally Posted by Maypo View Post
Having run on R1Rs and "well-used" 255/35x18 A6s, the biggest single problem with the car was putting down power. I expect a noticeable improvement with a larger front bar. I didn't realize there was bigger rear OEM bar available. A modest roll-rate increase in the rear could come in handy as development ensues.

My calculated speed in 2d looks to be 70 on the 295s, which is just about perfect for our events (Seattle) and Tours, etc. Do I have that number right?

I am actually more interested in taking on the ponycars in ESP... What's our opinion about that prospect?
I don't see how a larger bar in front will help acceleration. The most likely thing you'll get, I predict, is more push. I've got camber plates and Dinan springs, running just under -2 degrees up front, toe is 0. Turn-in and cornering are great with that setup with EDC set at its hardest. I don't know where you'll end up with shocks, but I think that you really need to be careful not to get the front too stiff. That's not a real problem with the stock car.

I run 275-35/18s square and get around 72-mph with my redline at 8600 rpm (thank you Dinan). I find that I usually only spend a second or so against the limiter per lap, so it's close to perfect. The big advantage we have is the broad, flat torque curve, making it easy to adjust and control power through the tight sections and slaloms.

In ESP I think I'd go with the Mustang GT with the 3.73 FD and Brembo brakes. In FS, probably the same car, but I'd need to research a little. I used to run ESP in Texas Region and mod parts are widely available for the 'stangs, making it easy to build up a potent car. Of course, in ESP you'll have to contend with my old friend Mr. Madarash, but it's a hell of a class, as is FS. I wouldn't entertain any visions of trouncing a Mustang or Camaro in FS. Their basic suspensions and high torque work VERY well on flat AX circuits. Add tire and go...

IF an E92 were classed in ESP, then a very serious lightening would possibly bring it into competitiveness, but it's starting behind in almost every way these days. More weight and less torque means... slower. HP counts for very little when you spend more than half the lap in the middle of the torque curve.

You'll need more bar in back if you add to the front, for sure. The problem is that the subframe will need to be dropped for the install. That turns it into a several hour job. Still, I'm doing it before next season. Trailing throttle rotation is what you want for a fast AX time.