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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Regarding sway bars, you don't need more stiffness in the front. Go with the E93 rear bar to stiffen the back a bit and improve rotation on tight AX turnarounds.
Having run on R1Rs and "well-used" 255/35x18 A6s, the biggest single problem with the car was putting down power. I expect a noticeable improvement with a larger front bar. I didn't realize there was bigger rear OEM bar available. A modest roll-rate increase in the rear could come in handy as development ensues.

Unfortunately, AS rules don't allow changing the final drive ratio. My 4.10 ratio really works well for AX.
My calculated speed in 2d looks to be 70 on the 295s, which is just about perfect for our events (Seattle) and Tours, etc. Do I have that number right?

Still, if you value winning, then this is not a good plan for AS. The car's too heavy vs. the competition in this particular class. Go futher...
I am actually more interested in taking on the ponycars in ESP... What's our opinion about that prospect?

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