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Originally Posted by gpitts View Post
Her appt is at the dealership tomorrow morning. The sevice was sold through the dealer as the genuine ClearBra product when I bought her car. I'm not uber-savvy on the different products, but my assumption is that ClearBra sells one product type. The ClearBra folks tried to polish it out the last time we took the car in for some service items, and when we picked the car up (after closing time of course) it still did not remedy the issue.

Thanks for the note back! I'll post a photo of the outcome if they fix/replace it.
Clear bra is the general product name. There are many different films out there... and once installed they are a clear bra. I bet it was a cheap product as dealerships will tend to go with the cheapest price they can get from an outside company. once it is sold the dealership really isnt liable for it... although they should be. I do a lot of dealership work and they are only worried about their profit margin... not the quality of the product. But if there are enough complaints they have to find another installer because it reflects poorly on the dealership. Keep us posted and make sure to ask the installer what film they used.