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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
It's the same kit we used in the supercharged car we re-tuned a couple months ago. The benefits of the Procede/meth combo are even greater in a supercharged application where the engine is being run with such relatively advance/efficiency. We saw much better gains by just cooling the intake charge and running several degrees more advance. Something like +60-70whp with no change in boost pressure (5-6psi) on a car that was already inter cooled. Made 550whp consistently.

Expect the meth to last 1-2 weeks of spirited driving and cost about $3 to refill. Works out way cheaper than running race gas since it is only "on demand." And works much better since it also provides a big cooling effect in addition to the octane bump.

The Procede actively monitors methanol flow via turbine style flow meter mounted just upstream of the injection/metering valve. Which means that it doesn't advance timing/alter AFR until a certain meth flow target is reached. And if meth flow were to stop or even be slightly compromised, the Procede would immediately adjust the tune accordingly. So you will never get in a situation were you are running an aggressive tune with no or not-enough methanol. It's far more effective than standard, non-injector controlled methanol kits (AEM, AA, Devils Own, CM, etc,.) which have either reactive failsafes or none at all.

Originally Posted by leigh View Post
so if i was to put this onto a ess kit how would i get it tuned?
The Proceed V5 allows the user to tune! I was never really too impressed with the supercharger kit before having Shiv install and tune the Procede/Meth kit.....