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Review: Ground Control street plates (short)

I just had a set of Ground control adjustable camber plates installed. These are the street plates for stock springs/suspension.
Was installed at European Road and Race in Charleston, SC who I would recommend. I can only comment on the ride since these won't be track tested until next year. I put approximately 175 miles on them so far, including city and highway miles.

Noise: Just as I hoped and expected. Just as quiet as stock. No thumps, bumps or other noise.
Fit: No issues, the only design change I would make would be to make the pointer needle a bit longer and move the camber markings more toward the middle of the plate. With the hardware and strut plate in place it's a bit hard to see the markings, but they are visible.
Adjustment: Don't know the range yet as the guy who did their race and DE alignments has left the shop (an outside shop) so they only measured and placed things as close as they could to stock. The needle is currently at the small GC marking (I had -1.3 degrees stock) with the full range of adjustment to the negative side available.

Pending a full alignment I won't know the complete range of camber nor the change in toe from street to full negative, but hope to find out in the next few weeks. However, so far so good.