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One car you would purchase for up to $70K (stipulations included)?

Going off the other ridiculous thread where everyone gave absurd answers that pretty much equated to "I'll drive a Ferrari for the rest of my life and hope it stays reliable for 40 years, maintenance doesn't kill me and I'll carry my 2x4s in the seat next to me"; I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on a more realistic scenario. You have $70K to spend on a new car given the following;

1. It must be brand new.
2. This cost must include maintenance for the car and insurance costs for 5 years.
3. You will use this car for everything including going to get the groceries and your 2 kids to school which you may soon have.
4. Your wife and immediate household family members have no other cars and this will be your sole car to use.
5. You have to drive 30 miles to work each way so keep MPG's somewhat in mind too and remember the mileage will add up (an e92 M3 with over 100K miles after a few years may not be too reliable).

My choice would more than likely be a base equipped Lexus ISF / new GS or maybe an Infiniti M37S. I'd like to hear people's opinions on this situation and not if you have infinite amounts of money and can have whatever car u want and u say do something like put 200K miles on a Veyron over 20 years.

Remember - this car will be kept for 5-10 years.
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