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Originally Posted by Ateam View Post
your not cool with repainting a bumper? Bizarre
The bumper or any other part of the car for that matter. It will never match perfectly due to some of the colors these days... plus factor in sun fade over a few years. And not to mention the time you will be without the car... which could be extended if you want it to match perfectly. I have had people go without their car for months because the paint could not be properly matched. And with todays factory paints being water based, you will get chips very quickly.

Anytime a car is resprayed the next buyer/dealer is going to assume it was damaged in a wreck. The resale value will take a big hit. No getting around it.

If the clear bra is properly installed and is a good quality film you wont have any issues with it. And if you do for some reason it is covered under warranty. So no driving around for 4 years until you finally decide to get it resprayed.