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Originally Posted by gpitts View Post
I am having a bad experience with ClearBra presently on my daughter's '08 335i. The material has "clouded" (no other way I can describe it), and I'm about to tell the ClearBra folks to either replace it or remove it. Honestly, it really detracts from the looks of her car.

I'm not here to trash the product, but I would appreciate advice on what she or I did wrong to cause this, if that is what happened. I'm on the road right now, else I'd enclose a quick shot of it.
What material did she go with? Some films have a tendency to cloud early on.... thats why I dont install them. If it is only a few years old it will be covered under warranty. I am not aware of any films on the market that have a warranty under 5 years... so you will be fine there. It is possible that she is no maintaining it well. Dont use anything abrasive on it. Do not use the brush at the car wash, and dont use any petroleum based waxes/cleaners on it. Other than that it should be fine unless it is poor quality film.

Keep us posted on what happens. I would also like to know what film it is and what the installer says.