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Originally Posted by flipm3 View Post
Looks like the end results are very strong. Sorry, I am still confused on which runs are which.

Would it be possible to signify which are which on the latest dynos posted by Shiv?
Sure. Blue=original tune, Green=Stock tune, Red=Procede tune w/PWM Meth

Originally Posted by M3DCTBT View Post
The problem is quite simple: I had that AFR problem / curve with my stock tune almost exact to that OE AFR. It was based on a primary 02 fault I was experiencing. I had to clear the 02 fault first. When that lean the car will lose a ton of power from timing retard. I rectified the issue and it's a brand new car.
We were all a little stumped by the first runs. I even checked for/cleared all codes. Even did a few DME resets and logged lambda. Both bank1 and bank2 were on target and running ~15.x AFR under load. So we definitely weren't dealing with a bad sensor.

Originally Posted by whats77inaname View Post
Glad to see you're coming to Texas, Shiv. We run 93 octane down here, and I'll be interested to see the results of a 93 octane-based tune.

Is the windshield cleaner fluid bottle used to house the meth mixture?

BTW, I'm sure I'm not the only one curious about pricing
Yes, we are using the windshield water bottle for the meth/water mix. Should have pricing finalized after the Texas trip.

Originally Posted by shay2nak View Post
If I were you I'd stick with the green HP curve. That's the only one that has a correct A/F ratio.

You're getting the extra power from the red curve by running it lean.
There really is no "correct A/F ratio". But rather a correct one based upon supporting mods/conditions. In the case of the Procede/PWM meth combo, the operating conditions change dramatically: Intake air temps drop 40-50F and effective octane jumps to 100+. So targetting a slightly leaner AFR is perfectly safe and desirable. It's also worth mentioning that dropping AFR targets down to ~12:1 only reduces power by 6-7hp. Most of the power gains come from the IAT drop and substantial ignition timing bump.


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