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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Dear god, search for logic, you seem to have misplaced it.

No car has DOMINATED racing like the 911. A car that has a history since the 60's, with two wheelbase changes and one engine change (still the same number of cylinders, in the same layout though) has fully dominated sports car racing. How are the Ferrari 250 GTO, Aston DB6, BMW 3200CS and Shelby Cobra doing in FIA races?

What about Toyota or Subaru, how's their esteemed racing going?

The simple point is that in a thread about a Subura/Toyota joint venture, you seem to have stuck your head in the sand about what constitutes racing dominance. Drive around for a minute, the first 911 you see is that dominance. Ignore it if you want, it's still there and we all know it.
I think it's obvious Goingtofast is trolling. I'm actually surprised I entertained him for as long as I did.
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