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Originally Posted by J.J4ck0wsk1 View Post
Says you're in Winter Park Florida which is near Orlando, were you by any chance at the UCF basketball game Friday night parked in a parking garage lol? Who ever's car it was, it looked amazing!! My friends were making fun of me for the way I reacted lol (not car enthusiasts). First E92 M3 Coupe I've seen in person that was Fire Orange. Now that I think about it, it wasn't your car based on the mods. Question is, who's was it? Anyone who might know? Car looked so nice in person that I even took two pics (front and back) of it. Oh and yes I just registered to find out lol..

Here are the goods..

That's my car!! Thanks for the positive words (and sorry to the OP for the thread jack!).

My girlfriend goes to school at UCF, so I'm there every couple of weeks. Let me know and we can all meet up for sure! The car looks quite different now