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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
You are a marketer's soggy wet dream. You had a Miata or two. Remind me, was Flying Miata doing superchargers or turbos? Did MazdaSpeed build a turbo or a supercharger? Sure, that crappy little Moss supercharger was cheap, but anyone that modified a Miata either coveted a turbo or an American V8, not the castaway blower from an SLK.

Toyota supercharged the MR2, then oops, dropped that and used a turbo later. Jaguar supercharged the XK and XJ, and again, dropped that and went to a turbo. AMG, same story.

Try this, name a few famous cars (you can even have the 30's, hint, Bentley Blower) that have superchargers. I'll take turbos, we'll see whose list is more significant.
Calm down man... you live in a country where there are more supercharged cars per inch square than in any other part of the world, V8s included. There's a reason for that!

I was also surprised by the fact that this Toyobaru would be supercharged because you do loose fuel efficiency which is so critical nowadays - that's its only caveat!.

And the only logic reason I could come up with for that was... hey, they are concerned with the turbo lag inherent to every turbo charged engine. That's how committed they are with the handling of this car. They want to transform it in a handling masterpiece!

That makes total logic to me if they can't have a big, powerful V8... because, they can't! I certainly would appreciate a supercharged flat-4 in order to avoid turbo lag and it certainly would be in accordance to their marketing :

GT 86 development engineer Yoshi Sasaki says the GT 86 is for those who are bored with cars that are too powerful with their turbo engines, have too much grip with their huge tyres and four-wheel drive, cost too much and don't let the driver do enough. 'A fun car,' he says, 'is a car that you control.'

A non-turbo engine certainly IS easier to control!

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