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Hi guys,
Great fun today. Thanks again to Tom at EAS for his time today. And for Donald and Rudy for taking care of Kenya while I was on the dyno

I finally got a chance to look at the data again. As mentioned, the labels for most of the runs were wrong. I also noticed at the stock tune run in Donald's dyno graph was done in 4th gear while all the other runs were done in 5th. So I found another 5th gear run of the stock tune and used that for reference instead (it made 2whp more). I also applied an STD correction and forced scaling so that both axis are scaled from 0 to 400. I also edited the run info to reflect the tunes:

The car only has basic exhaust mods, so there is still a good deal of power left on the table. With pulley and intake, we are hoping to see north of 420whp.

Here's a pic of where I mounted the nozzles. Usually, i put them in the charge pipe but this time I wanted to hide them completely in the airbox and move them more upstream:

I'm flying to El Paso Texas next week to install a Procede/PWM meth kit on two fully modified m3s and hopefully we can get some bigger numbers


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