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Originally Posted by Voltigeur View Post
First, there's definitely some (warranted) negative stereotypes about BMW drivers. On the whole they are in my observation more aggressive - hell, it IS a driving machine. And they are more expensive than the median household can afford unless they own their home etc.

The classic image until maybe last 3-4 yrs was of a blue-tooth earpiece-wearing aggressive young professional; or a bureaucrat / snr prof'l at higher end (say 7er). Now, for e.g. in the UK, it's the Audi - see Top Gear ep, BMW M3 vs The Rest, then BMW vs IS-F.

Last, your statement re HK and BMWs' frequency @ 1 in 2 is pure hyperbole: yes, it's a very wealthy city which also means BMWs are relatively expensive, but are more widely owned as a % of cars on the road.

Also, as you probably know, it's expensive - like Singapore - to be able to afford the vehicle permit, so relatively skewed sample vs, say the USA or Australia or Canada where the right to drive a vehicle in the city is so much less (registration and insurance, no 'plate' permit, per se.) Relative to population the frequency of BMW ownership is less than SoCal or Munich.

First, I admit there is slight exaggeration in my claim, but BMWs are pretty much on every street on HK, same goes for Mercedes, Audi and German premium cars in general. Second, I'm talking about CAR owning population of HK, not the general population. Third, you got the stats to back up your claim?