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OK so today Shiv installed his Proceed and Meth kit on my 2011.5 M3. Lets start with what has been done to my car. I have a magnaflow cat back, a resonated xpipe with high flow secondary cats and OE tune. Everything else is stock. My car ran good, felt strong and ive been driving it happily.... Or so i thought.

So we get to EAS and strap the car onto their dyno. We do a couple of base line runs to to see how my car has been running. You can see in the dyno sheet what my car did with my mods and a OE tuning tune. Im not sure if something changed, or what but the results are on paper. You can see these results in BLUE.

Since Shiv wanted to get a stock car/tune pull, i had EAS reflash my ECU with a stock tune. Absolutely awesome. Took an hour and worked like a charm. Again we dyno it with my mods and with the stock tune. You can see the results on the dyno sheet in GREEN.

We then plug in the Proceed and power up the meth. Shiv worked on the tune a bit and the results are shown below in RED. You be the judge.

The sheet shows power, but how does it translate to driving it. Like i said earlier, The car made noise, pulled good and i thought i was doing good. WAS I WRONG! After i left EAS with the Proceed and Meth it felt like a complete different car. Not a yea i feel it.. More like WTF is this the same car. I had more tq, as the needle reached redline i was like omg. As i shifted into 3rd i see the traction light start blinking in MDM mode! It feels like the car is happy to rev. The motor feels smoother even. Shiv did his magic.

Now as you look at my sheets, remember, this is a stock car with high flow cats and exhaust. Nothing else. Stock intake and no pulley on 91 octane pump gas.

I would like to thank Shiv. Amazing customer service, great product and cool dude. I would also like to thank Tom at EAS for helping us out with the dyno time and the reflashing back to stock.

Also, a special thanks to Kenya. Good Girl!

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