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Originally Posted by yuyue View Post
if you drive an Audi A6 in China, you can gain access into any governmental property

and for BMWs, I really think it is unfair. tragedies involved with cars happen everyday, but only BMW would be mentioned in the news. Accidents without any BMWs involved would still be published, but no brand names would appear in the news.... I guess it is a way journalist can attract more audience... and sell the news for more money...
Of course it's unfair to stereotype BMWs, but the average human isn't that intelligent to distinguish the car from the driver. It's just like back in the 80's when BMW was associated with young American yuppies, only in Mainland China the negative connotation seems to be worse. I have to say, having been to the Mainland on countless occasions, the bimmer drivers there are much much worse then in the States, Canada or UK.

In Hong Kong it's a different matter, every other car is a BMW here, so no least not to the degree you get in Mainland China.

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