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Originally Posted by Emory335 View Post

The M3 is a pig to drive in day-to-day traffic But I'm sure you all track your cars, right?

Ooohh, V8, I'm so jealous of your lower MPG and higher CO2 emissions. At least your exhausts notes sound like American muscle, right? That's a biggie, for sure!

Yes, I indeed have more torque Plus, FI is boss at all altitudes, unlike NA which is shit at higher altitudes.

And yes, I'm definitely justifying my purchase for not wasting money on a fake //M Perhaps the new F-series/4-series M3 will have some of the heritage of a true Motorsport GmbH :/

The uneducated, LOL.
Wish i'd been as happy with my 335i as you are with yours, would have saved myself a lot of cash. I think its great that you bought a 3 series and prefer it to an ///M car, i wish i was that easily pleased. Good for you