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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post
The Miata doesn't have and never will have the same dd practicality of the Toyobaru. That's a major drawback.

See how far the commitment to get the best possible handling machine goes with this Toyobaru:

They opted for a supercharger instead of the typical turbo by today standards to completely avoid the lag in the throttle response at the expense of some fuel efficiency.
Meh, if it was a hatch, not a notch back, I'd buy a little of that argument. I daily drove Miatae for years and never really felt that compromised, nor do I see a large trunk or easy storage in this thing.

I can't think of a single supercharged 4 banger that has been good to drive. Using Subaru as a partner and then bypassing their strength in turbocharging for a supercharger just screams of stupidity. We shall see, but I'm not holding my breath. Further, what does a supercharger have to do with a commitment to handling?

I'd suspect that the real go on this car will be aftermarket turbo kits, not the factory blower.