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Originally Posted by Twinbo View Post
Don't have a picture of mine but if I could do it again I would cover the whole hood.
The line shows up after washing but when dry it is almost invisible. It's just knowing the line is there.
So the only “issue” you have with it is the line across the hood? It’s funny, because as crazy as I am about my cars the line doesn’t really bother me. I had it on my orange Porsche and I just kind of got used to it.
Originally Posted by 03BeastCharmer View Post
My Interlagos Blue M Coupe has a clear bra that goes up about 12 inches onto the hood. Might be good reference. It's been on for 4 years. In the pictures, you can see some of the edge on the fenders, but hard to tell on the hood in pictures.
Look at the front wheel pics as well as one ones with the hood up to get a reference of where the bra is.
Thanks. I actually saw yours in a FS thread, I think.

Originally Posted by cghempel View Post
Would you consider Space Grey dark enough? I was flipping through my pictures but I cannot find any that really show the line

Mine is cut about 3 inches in front of the "power dome" on the hood. Overall I am happy and the line does not bother me much and is not all that visible either. The hardest part is keeping wax from getting up against it every time I detail my car. Spend a little time getting the excess wax off and you shouldn't have a problem (especially important on a black car).
Probably not dark enough, but thanks.