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help - splashed some coke on my idrive


what is the best way to deal with splashed coke on the idrive on an e90? i came across a post regarding cleaning the coke with electrical contact cleaner. came across this or is there any other cleaner liquid/spray?

do you think it will go away by itself? will pushing the buttons back and forth cause damage?

my situation
i somehow splashed coke on my idrive on friday. did not realise that some of the coke had seeped in. the buttons are getting a bit stuck. first it was the middle button, i kept on pushing it back and forth and yesterday evening it was fine. tried to clean all the buttons with huggies wipes by using a visiting card and sticking the huggies wipe in between each button and giving it a wie.

today in the morning the cd/radio button was a bit sticky and in the evening it was a bit more stuck. turning on the heat in the car and pushing the button back and forth fixed it to an extent.