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Originally Posted by Definitive View Post
Nice meeting and seeing all of you. Spencer where the F were you today! haha

Thanks to Josh for setting everything up. Too bad the wife needed me to come home, I had to hang a right on decker instead of going down to PCH.

Cant wait to see the pics and vids!

Thanks again for coming out buddy! I hope the family is doing good (and that your wife hasn't killed you) We should organize another 818/805 meet soon!

Originally Posted by creaminz View Post
Great time!! Man!! I almost killed myself and my buddy in that canyon run! 265 rear without any traction control was just intense! but ye it was just so much fun!
Thanks for organizing the caravan Josh? !! Had a blast!
Thank for coming out buddy

Originally Posted by theriz View Post
^^ thas le me.

had a great time. cant wait to see pics and vids.
Thanks so much for coming out

Originally Posted by bchang2001 View Post
thanks again Josh it was fun! too bad I couldnt stay longer.
Thanks again for coming out! Making the trek from the OC is def a big one! We'll be heading up to C&C Irvine in a few weeks, so I'll give you the heads up next time we head out.

Originally Posted by M3ryder55 View Post
Any pic. I was with my bro in the interlagos super charged e 46. We couldn't make to the run but we were at the blue cross building
Thanks for coming out! Pics should be up soon!

Originally Posted by cooler2442 View Post
I will start things off with some pics I took. They totally aren't biased towards that E82 1 series though.

Matt & Mike should post some starting pictures later today / tomorrow and then later on for the video.

Thank you all!!!

It was a great turnout and a very fun rally!

It was a pleasure to see some familiar faces and meet a bunch of new ones. Thank you all for your participation, your donations, and your shared enthusiasm! This definitely helped a lot of kids!

I'll be sure to likes to the pictures and video as soon as they are available! I hope to see you all at a meet very soon! Feel free to PM me for my contact info if you don't have it and want to stay up to date on future meets and runs!

Thanks again everyone!

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