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Originally Posted by soberin View Post
Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm running the stock sizes of 245/40-18 in front and 265/40-18 rear, as I noted with Advan Neova AD08s. They are way better in the dry than the PS-2s, but not in the wet.

If I switch to the 265/295, can I stay with the 18" wheels and 40 profile without any problems? The tires will not extend beyond the wheel well?

I should also note I have the Dinan Stage III suspension--the camber plates and springs do make a big difference--the larger front antisway bar not much on the street, but some improvement at autocross.
What exactly are you experiencing that has you looking for better traction? The PS2's are really bad - End of story. The AD08 on the other hand is a really good tire and there are several guys that I track with that love them.

Also, I've been tracking my supercharged M3 on 245/265 Bridgestone RE-11's and except for a few places the grip was actually really good.

The wheel/tire setup that you need really depends on what you're trying to do with the car.