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Originally Posted by Romanian nightmare View Post
Don't like the system? Don't watch! Everyone agrees that the BCS system sucks and it's worse now since it's been so close. Don't want to see a rematch? Well, then the system has to be changed.

I'm a Bama fan and while the game on November 5th was not high scoring, it was very exciting. So i say....bring it on Tigers! You'll go home with your tials between your legs this time...

That's just it. The system had a chance to work and it didn't. As a SEC fan in general I was saying that the time of the first appearance between AL/LSU was in essence the national championship game and so was the media.e. There is no argument for this game to happen and the voters had an opportunity to set it right but they blew it. Alabama had its chance and blew it. This isn't like an undefeated Auburn getting left out but worse. Perhaps if these teams weren't in the same conference and if they played early in the season you could argue for it.

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