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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
As long as subjective-driven elements are involved in determining placement, there will always be a problem. Playoffs of 8 or 16 teams? Sure but if we have a problem determining the NC game competitors (normally 1-2 teams have a gripe and get left on the outside), how are we going to be able to justify a cutoff in an area that would be much murkier (imagine how many teams will feel shafted when you move the cutoff to 8 or 16).

It's easy to set up the playoffs in the NFL. They go by the record of the team (objective) and then they look to the tiebreakers (objective). Unless you can implement a completely objective system in college football, there will always be whiners, there will always be accusations, and there will always be controversy. The field of 120 and the varying degrees of difficulty from conference to conference make a "fair" solution nearly impossible.
Couldn't agree more!! Maybe next year it will be an SEC team that will whine...or maybe not!