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Originally Posted by mahmud///M View Post
Pinhead I wasn't referring to you. It was to thundermoose, from an old thread. So r u saying because I asked what the optimal tire is, it means I'm not ready? I don't see a correlation
you are asking if you are ready for racing slicks. People who use racing slicks generally are those who has had enough experience to know if the car is more comfortable with a staggered or square setup, where the grip level is and how much grip they want. Because racing slicks grip so well they also have less feedback and less warning when they give away, so when you do make a mistake, it will be greatly exaggerated and you are going off the track at a faster rate, which can result in more damage. Those that are ready for racing slicks, know this, and are ready to handle them. That is why I said, if you are asking, you most likely do not have enough experience to handle them. I have many years of track experience under my belt, and even I don't think I am ready for slicks. Although I have tried them, I am not ready to push my max on them.