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Originally Posted by Caddyshk View Post
Why not - the rest of the Division has no interest in anything but some early time off

Originally Posted by gizmo335i View Post
I love how much people hate the boys. And I hate how we have so many fans outside of Texas.
haters gonna hate. re: fans outside the state...if you think cowboys fans outside the state are bad, then you probably haven't met any green bay packers fans. there are like 4 people in green bay. the rest of them live somewhere warmer. aka how the hell are there so many packers fans? i call it the NFL team for NFL expats. people are packers fans because their 'uncle's grandpa's aunt's daughter's roommate's brother used to watch the packers when he was alive, therefore i follow them'. dallas is the 4th largest metropolitan market in the country, which includes much of texas in general (before the texans), and pretty much every state from here to florida, west to new mexico, and as far north as nebraska/iowa (flyover country without professional sports teams).

Originally Posted by gizmo335i View Post
Even though I'm bias...I will admit when we suck. We do not suck this year I don't think. We've had more talent the last few years but we just didn't look ready to play every week like we do this year.
as much as i want to agree with you there, i just don't think this is real. we are a good team, but i'm a doubter.

if the nfc east hasn't been as underwhelming as it's been, would you still say the same thing? fact is we're playing in a weak division and are only leading the race to win because the rest of the nfc east sucks unexpectedly.

Originally Posted by gizmo335i View Post
I spent the last few years taking up for Romo. I really feel like he has the talent to be an elite QB. But it doesn't matter how much talent you have if you can't get it done when it matters and you make last second stupid decisions. But man, when he's on...he's amazing. Our secondary can be really bad this year. But after that Jets game, I am starting to give up on him. We hadn't had a QB worth a damn since Aikman when he came along so I was happy to have someone who could make things happen.
i've been a romo supporter until this year. watching him single-handedly throw some of these games away was the last straw for me. he isn't the solution for the cowboys at QB. he's a good QB, but not an elite QB. elite QB's win championships and don't make stupid mistakes. romo has only won 1 playoff game. until he wins the big one, he shouldn't be compared to elite. tom brady, as much as i despise him, is an elite quarterback. payton manning, troy aikman, roger staubach, etc., are elite quarterbacks. romo has elite stats, but so did danny white. i'm just being a realist....

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But with the addition of Murry and Robinson, we're pretty scary right now. And as long as we have a healthy Ware on D, watch out. Along with Dez and Whitten....and our line has been blocking, our offense is much more affective lately.
murray is a beast and robinson has done surprisingly well. robinson has definitely earned a starting role on the roster. i can't wait to see miles back in action too. i have mixed feelings about dez. i think he suffers from romoitis...only good for a big play or two each game, otherwise all talk. sounds a lot like T.O. to me.

Originally Posted by gizmo335i View Post
As of now, we're def the best in the East. It really falls on Romo's shoulders the rest of the season.
we're the best because the rest of the division is terrible. but yes, romo is in control. it's his season to win or lose.