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Originally Posted by Foodle View Post
What a wonderful forum!

Hinting that someone doing 40mph over the limit might be a tad irresponsible/dangerous automatically means I'm a undeserving badge-whore who only got an M3 to show off my yearly income? I see ...

So Rolf-Dieter, listerone, Darth One, amglol, etc. are all poser badge-whores too. Nice
I guarantee that if you hit a pedestrian going 65 in a 65 zone, they will be just as dead as hitting the same pedestrian going 105. The problem with your argument is that it is not based on any type of reasoning. It is absolute. The speed limit is "x", therefore nobody should drive any faster.

There are times when it is safe to exceed the speed limit, and there are times when one should actually be driving well below the speed limit. I see people driving 60-65 when there is snow, rain, freezing rain, etc. on the roads and I am driving at 50 mph in my AWD winter vehicle with snow tires!!! At the same time, however, on a dry sunny day when there is little to no traffic I may do 85-90 in my M3. I vary my driving based on the actual conditions, not just some arbitrary posted number.
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