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Originally Posted by Foodle View Post
So the only way you can practice "spirited driving" is by speeding?

Splitting hairs mighty fine this Sunday morning ... if he was "unluckily nabbed" he could have just as easily been unlucky and run in to a careless driver/bicyclist/baby carriage.
No, but speed is one element of spirited driving. Not the only element, but certainly one.

If you are doing 40mph over the limit, sustained, that might be asking for trouble. If you were doing it for a short burst and you were in a residential area where one might find someone pushing a baby carriage, I agree that is irresponsible and stupid. Honestly, you deserve a ticket, if not jail time. If you are doing it in an area with limited visibility, again, not a smart move.

Maybe you live in a very urban environment? I do not. I live out in a small town and 10 minutes outside my house it is very rural with some incredible driving roads. Likewise there are stretches of open interstate with clear visibility where one can enjoy a short burst of real speed from time to time. I can't remember the last time I saw someone pushing a baby carriage or a bicyclist for that matter along an interstate.

Sorry, I have never been a goodie-two-shoes, and I never will be. Speed is fun. Pure and simple. In fact, I find my mind much more focused and my reflexes much sharper when I am driving fast. I am actually a better driver in this mode. When I am driving slow, part of my brain seems to shut off a bit.
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