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Waxed the Frozen Black

Picked up the car little bit over a month ago, but just got around to wax it, right before the winter.

My car is Frozen Black E90 M3, and contrary to popular belief it is possible to wax frozen colors. Just have to use the right wax and everything has to be done by hand, no machines.

I actually used the tips from the post of other member and from the SwissVax product book:

The products I used are from SwissVax (SwissOl in Germany) Opague line. I used the SV Opaque Car Bath, SV Opaque Pre-Cleaner Fluid, SV Opaque Wax and SV Opaque Quick Finish along with the SV microfiber towels and application pad. Took me a little over 4 hrs.

First the car was washed with SwissVax Opaque Car Bath and then dried up.
Then the SwissVax Opaque Pre-Cleaner fluid was applied by spraying small sections at a time, spread and wiped off before it dried. After entire car was treated with the Pre-Cleaner fluid, I applied the SwissVax Opaque Wax to small sections. This wax is not to dry on the paint and only have to wait few minutes before taking it off with a microfiber towel. One towel was used to take off the wax, and the other to buff out the residue. Finally after the entire car was waxed, final touch with the SwissVax Opaque Quick Finish to complete the process.

Pics are not the greatest since taken with iPhone. I first waxed only half the hood to see if it makes a difference in effect and you can clearly see it in the pics.
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