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Originally Posted by VictorH View Post
This is true, but you really need to look at the specs for the actual tire you are going to be using. Some tires have pretty large section widths and others aren't that bad relative to the increase in tread width, which can affect whether you're going to rub or not. I'm currently running 255/35 front and 285/35 and I have a bit less than 1" difference in tire diameter between front and rear (RE-11). I think there may be theoretical reasons why the DSC might have it's function affected, but I put 4 and 1/4 track days on this set up (sequential) and I found no effect whatsoever on MDM activation or intervention compared to stock sizes, so I would expect DSC to be similarly affected. Perhaps there might be a few percent difference in activation, but it's not detectable by me.
What wheels are you running this on?

I was also considering a 285/35 size in the rear because the sidewall and height is better balanced with a 255/35 front tire.

I was hoping to run the re-11's on oem 19s. I currently have re-11 in stock sizes and love them. But they do appear to be a bit stretched and were a son of a bitch to install bc they are so stiff

Any pics of your setup? Id love to see it