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Originally Posted by mamadub View Post
My dealer told me that my M3 had runflats as mean they don't??

dealers are so useless!!! Dub-stick to Chapman bmw in chandlers. Talk to Tony Desalvo. THere are a few guys more familiar with the M's and are pretty good. You still have to cross check with the board.

What is with dealers guys! I just cannot fathom marketing a product or being involved with a brand and not knowing EVERYTHING about the product.

Hell I would guess 50 percent of us guys who just like bimmers as a hobby that has nothing to do with our job, knows more about every single model than majority of dealers. I pretty much know all details that a dealer should about the 7's, M's, 3's, and 5's. I admit I know nothing about the Z or the 1's but this is not my job!

As far as the OP-I believe him because the rest of the tread is completely gone everywhere and then there is a middle that is even worse. If it was burnout or overinflation than the outside of the tires would still have decent tread left and the middle would be signifigantly worse v. now there is no tread anywhere and the middle is even worse. Maybe just a random bad batch of tires? Who knows. I would guess burnouts and drifts to be honest if I saw that but I have no clue what else could do this!