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I tried to keep the pressure at the recommended (35 front and 38 rear), but did notice I ran them a few PSI lower for a period of time...which is why I was surprised the middles wore faster.

In terms of the track causing this, I would say no. The fronts take a lot more wear from the track I go to and I really didn't notice too much wear after each day (neither day was super aggressive - especially since the last one wasn't too long ago and I knew my tires were getting pretty worn). The wear seemed to be gradual over the period of the 10k miles as well.

And yea I had to drive with more caution, especially with the conditions (Western NY). Dry days still offered plenty of grip though, even when driving pretty aggressively (didn't realize they were this bad though - figured something wasn't right when I could feel the bump of the tire - took it easy then).

Also, these were not caused from burnouts...did a little sliding around in the wet, but they were already worn by then.