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brake wear sensor to dsc control module replacement

quick background:
around 5k miles ago, while tracking, my track pads got low and the brake light came on, yellow in color. swapped pads to oem, checked sensors, all was ok. tried to reset the light, but couldnt. so, the reminder comes more and more often, then changes to red and permanent, saying brake pad replacement is beyond due. keep in mind, my oem pads are ~75% since i mostly use track pads. knowing i had a 16k service coming up, i let it ride.

enter 1 week ago, 16k service. explain this issue and that i know the pads are ok, but sensors may be faulty. they look it over, replace sensors, no luck. inspect further, and tell me the dsc control module needs to be replaced. fortunately, they covered under warranty.

i hope this is just a coincidence, but it scares me that modules like these could require replacement as wear items.

just thought id share in case others have this problem.