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Originally Posted by horsie View Post

Does the exhaust sound this good even after the engine is warmed up? I ask, because the exhaust is always louder on cold start up, but then it becomes quieter when warmed up.

And how is it from inside during normal city driving?

Thinking of doing this in the new year.
Horsie, what i noticed was that it sounds the best around 2500-5000 rpm. It is around 50-60% louder IMO. The rev matching is way more fun as you can hear the exhaust and engine and as soon as you push the gas, even if you are 3000 rpm, everyone turns around. The cold start sounds really good but it gets maybe 10% more quiet after. Anyways, I could not be happier to be honest, definitely money well spent!
Also the guys who did it (unlimited performance, ) were amazing, I am so happy with their work quality, i totally recommend them.

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