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Originally Posted by listerone View Post
Having seen many,*many* people who have perished in car accidents (I worked for 20 years in a large hospital's ER) I know what booze and speed (individually *and* in combination) can do.Therefore,my policy more than 5mph over the speed limit...which,on an Interstate,is about 10%.My car has tons of torque (400 ft lbs at 1,700 rpm) so acceleration and passing are a breeze....but speed *does* kill.It even kills experienced drivers driving extreme machines.
Oh please.....Driving fast is FUN. It can be done very safely. I am 45 and have been a "spirited" driver my entire driving life. In fact, the few accidents I have gotten into have all been under 15mph or I have been stationary. Speed in and of itself doesn't kill. Speeding without properly accounting for and analyzing the conditions around you is what kills. Lack of concentration and distractions kill. Even police officers cruise along at 85-90 miles per hour routinely, even when not on their way to or in pursuit of anything. Speed limits are arbitrary and have little to do with real safety.

Take a good look at this road:

If you wouldn't take your M3 into triple digits on this road at least for a short time, you should have just bought a 328i. The reality of life is that there are many things that can hurt you. Do you want to live your life in a padded room? I guarantee you will be safer. I am also an avid skier. I have been skiing for 38 years and I ski terrain that many people might piss their pants just looking at, but to me it is a thrill. Is there more of a risk? Of course there is. Anything in life that is a more rewarding experience entails an element of greater risk. In fact, you could say that the risk is part of the appeal.

So I guess this wasn't you then.....

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