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Originally Posted by Sniz View Post
I read the article too, I'm not impressed by the TQ the engine is producing, rather low IMO. I'm sure its fun to rag out to the high rpm's but the TQ is pretty shitty.

The 335 stock has more TQ and tuned has WAY more TQ and similar HP for much less $$.

I seriously doubt most purchasers will see the 7000rpm+ range in daily driving when you actually need to get this car know to merge?

I am by no means saying the M3 is not a bad ass car, it is, but the engine is too little too late IMO.

We should keep in mind the design criteria that BMW governs itself by. First and foremost is engine displacement, big taxes for big displacements.

Everyone thought the M5 / M7 V10 had too little torque when when the specs were first released but the quiet little revolution that BMW is leading is the drivetrain innovation.
  1. Keep the drivetrain light - else you get monsterous weights like the AMGs and more power is needed to beat the rotating mass required to support big torque. Light weight engines allow it to rev through the powerband faster (less inertia to fight).
  2. Close ratio gearboxes - in the vid attached, the Z06 dies in 5th gear. Gearing with an optimal powerband is way the M6 can beat cars like Gallardo. If I were in the market for a new M3, I would be waiting for the 7 speed box
Also the boss of M division saw the number of people who actually tracked the cars to be really low and that people didn't want to give up the luxuries. So BMW M is just buidling the cars that the customers want.

The M3 will be doing just is going to shame the RS4 in a straight line and around the track.

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