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Originally Posted by E92M3WestLA View Post
Supercar Ace - Did the group end up getting parking for the event? Have you decided where the photo shoot, canyon run, and lunch will be at?
I've pretty much figured that out, the sort version of the plan is We'll take some pics before we roll out and my buddies from MClub.LA will actually be shooting some video of our rally over

We'll all head to the show and then regroup at 11 at the Macy's in the Topanga Promenade (which is is 2 block away). I have a canyon route idea in in mind, however I am still very 50/50 on a run since last weekend there was a nasty Viper crash on PCH which means that the patrols will be out in force and they will be pinching people for EVERYTHING...tint, no front plates, exhaust. So I'm debating if it's worth it...But I'll explain everything before we roll out at the pre-drive meeting.

Originally Posted by SpencerM3 View Post
Are we meeting earlier than 9:00am at the Commons? I seriously think that if we get to the show by 9am it will be puching it. I say Commons 8am, Motor For Toys 9am.

Let us know, we're getting close! Or do we already have a parking location reserved?
As much as I'd like to go with the earlier time, we have quite a few guys coming from all over (1 guy from San Fran, a bunch from the OC, and a few from San Diego) so we'll be sticking with the 9am time. As far as parking goes, there should be space available for us, though it probably won't be 80 spots right next to each other. In any case, we'll be regrouping 2 blocks away at 11am for the drive to lunch/second shoot, but I'll explain all in full detail tomorrow.

Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
I will do my best to come! but I won't be in a BMW.... my BMWs are out of commission
Hope to see you tomorrow buddy!

I'll be explaining the details for after the show at the pre-drive meeting around 9:25am. See you all tomorrow!

1. Supercar Ace - LSB E46 ///M3 Coupe
2. Lax01 - CB E46 M3 Coupe
3. Armen - Matt Black E92 M3
4. Cooler2442 - Blk E82 135i
5. MalibuMafiaV - Black E46 Sedan
6. PrittyM3 - Porsche 914
7. Aram0492 - Silver E46 330i Sedan
8. 135roller - Black 135i
9. W/135roller
10. W/135roller
11. W/135roller
12. W/135roller
13. W/135roller
14. HiM5 - Black E60 M5
15. W/HiM5
16. W/HiM5
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18. W/HiM5
19. W/HiM5
20. TrancerX - Blue E39 M5
21. Slvr_Surfr46 - Silver E46 M3
22. ZiggyZ - Red Z4
23. E46M3Dream - E46 M3 Coupe
24. HyeWarrior - Red E46 325i
25. SkBuMmEr - BMW 540i
26. mannyaplus11 - LSB E46 Me Vert
27. Breezy - LSB E46 M3 Coupe or Porsche 911
28. SkBuMmEr- E46 Vert
29. gsxrboy007 - Silver E46 M3 Vert
30. Andrew@euro-spec - E46
31. Acidic - Blue E46 325i
32. BMW M3 GUY - A/W E92 M3
33. eatsleeplax - Red E36 M3
34. W/eatsleeplax
35. conzone - A/W E92 M3
36. m33nm3 - Black E46 M3
37. DJTY- A/W E46 M3
38. Bimmer_soul - E92 red M3
39. dvpouldar26 - Porsche Cayman
40. jh valley
41. SpencerM3 - SSII E90 M3
42. zaitsev - Silver E46 M3 Vert
43. digivation - Silver E46 M3 Coupe
44. W/Supercar Ace
45. W/Supercar Ace
46. mad8277 - E46 330 Ci
47.@mir - TiAg Silver E46 M3
48. W/@mir - Alpine White HPF E46 M3
49. W/@mir - Phoenix Yellow E46
50. W/@mir -Laguna Seca Blue E46
51. W/@mir -TiAg silver E36 M3
52. mpbruin108 - Alpine White E92 M3
53. Bashar368 - Interlagos Blue ZCP E46 M3
54. mehrdad05 - Red E85 Z4
55. godora102192 - Avus Blue E36 M3
56. e46bm3w - E46 M3
57. Juice805 - BMW 530i
58. bchang2001 - E92 M3
59. mpwr247 -e39 M5
60. W/Cooler2442
61. W/Cooler2442
62. W/Cooler2442
63. junn1227 - AW E46 M3
64. SunnyD - Interlagos E60 M5
65. Sikes - LSB E46 M3 Coupe
66. W/Supercar Ace
67. W/Supercar Ace
68. W/Supercar Ace
69. W/Supercar Ace
70. W/Supercar Ace
72. TahoeRDS - AW F10 335 M-Sport
73. IMOLA RED - 2002ti ALPINA Race car
74. StarReaver - Titanium Silver Z3 M Coupe
75. W/ StarReaver
76. aznbo187 - Black E46 M3
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79. EVOLVE - SG F10
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