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Re-lease of vehicle

Has anyone re-leased their vehicle after the initial lease expired? Just wondering of the pros/cons.

I got an option to continue (as in re-lease) my current vehicle for another 2 years keeping the same (couple of dollars more expensive) low payment that I currently have (I got one of those killer e90 M3 lease deals on '08 models, way back). I'm thinking about this because it would tide me over until the new F80 comes out 2014-ish. I don't think I can order a stripped e90 M3 any more right? and I very much doubt I'd get a monthly anywhere near mid $500's.

So if anyone has, I have a couple of questions..
1. Is the lease format the same as original lease (ie. can I use MSD's etc)?
2. Presumably a new MF?
3. Would MSD's from previous lease carry over, or would I cash out.

Thanks in advance.