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Originally Posted by 808@702 View Post
Years ago I got pulled over doing 90 in a 25 mph zone (rural area). Luckily the officer was a classmate of mine and he let it slide. To this day when I see him we get a laugh about it. Then I buy him lunch.
I don't think your friend did you any favours by letting you go, besides he broke the rules what the police force stands for. If you should ever (haven forbid) have a serious accident your friend will never forgive himself to let you go when you did 90 in a 25 speed zone.

Originally Posted by listerone View Post
Having seen many,*many* people who have perished in car accidents (I worked for 20 years in a large hospital's ER) I know what booze and speed (individually *and* in combination) can do.Therefore,my policy more than 5mph over the speed limit...which,on an Interstate,is about 10%.My car has tons of torque (400 ft lbs at 1,700 rpm) so acceleration and passing are a breeze....but speed *does* kill.It even kills experienced drivers driving extreme machines.
You are so right my friend had a fathal accident last year ---> CLICK to read all about it he tracked his M3 and organized track meets, he was an excellent driver, still overtaking on a wet road did him in his rear end gave away (according to witnesses) and a tree was in the way costing him his life. He was only 28 and full of life what a loss.

Originally Posted by KIS View Post
With your driving philosophy wouldn't it make more sense for you to own a Prius?
I think with your frame of mind perhaps you should get yourself a Prius what you think?
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