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Originally Posted by Sniz View Post
I read the article too, I'm not impressed by the TQ the engine is producing, rather low IMO. I'm sure its fun to rag out to the high rpm's but the TQ is pretty shitty.

The 335 stock has more TQ and tuned has WAY more TQ and similar HP for much less $$.

I seriously doubt most purchasers will see the 7000rpm+ range in daily driving when you actually need to get this car know to merge?

I am by no means saying the M3 is not a bad ass car, it is, but the engine is too little too late IMO.
The same agrument could be made for the previous generation m3 vs some other larger displacement higher torque car. Do you need to rev a e46 m3 to 7000 rpms to merge? The new M3 is going to have much more torque available at all rpms.

I'm not sure if there are any dynos out yet but I would guess that stock for stock peak torque will be pretty similar with the m3 having much more on tap above 5 thousand rpms and much less below 3k. For most people(myself included, why I'm purchasing a 335) the 3.0tt may be a better daily driver motor; but for the people who the m3 is targeted for(hard core enthusiasts/track) all that power in the upper rev range is going to make it a much better option.