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Originally Posted by Rolf-Dieter View Post
I do agree with all you say, however, with all respect if you need item 12 you are driving too fast.....

a) if there is no traffic at all around me I drive no more then 10% above the posted speed limit.

b) in normal traffic I follow the traffic flow at safe distance of course. If I come up on a slow poke, I'll overtake him/her in style for I have the power under the hood.
Having seen many,*many* people who have perished in car accidents (I worked for 20 years in a large hospital's ER) I know what booze and speed (individually *and* in combination) can do.Therefore,my policy more than 5mph over the speed limit...which,on an Interstate,is about 10%.My car has tons of torque (400 ft lbs at 1,700 rpm) so acceleration and passing are a breeze....but speed *does* kill.It even kills experienced drivers driving extreme machines.
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