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Originally Posted by Giccy Gic View Post
Call me ignorant, but how can taxes be "worked out"? Aren't you limited to the MTO's stated wholesale value? pm if you don't want to state publiclly
pm sent.... and yes you are limited but in the case of the vehicle being in technically way better then what wholesale is basing off of.. PRICED taxing can be scaled down closer to wholesale.

Persia I understand your logic in having a warranty on the car.... however having the dealer sell you a CPO DOES NOT guarantee anything.
In the past week Ive been at BMW twice and overheard two people complaining how their car was CPO and now they having these problems that CPO inspection should have really how much diff is there from buying used and CPO..not to mention my car is fully warranted until March with the possibility to extend and prob pay a lot less because of low kms.... maybe new owner wants to mod the hell out of this stock car and doesnt want warranty.

Fore Warranty is crucial because I dont mod(YET).....however as mentioned CPO is nothing more than a MARKETING guarantee that this 1000 point inspection has been performed and the car is in pristine condition..... BS
I saw an M3 in showroom with CPO with repainted front bumper...shouldnt the car be completely original knowing the fact that no one will probably know why the bumper was repainted....could have been in undocumented accident...who knows right?
IMO dealers are in business and will shoot you wtv they have to to sell...
For me selling this car so I can make room for my next and providing the new buyer with a great car, very fair deal and honesty is worth more to me then trying to sell a guy on guarantees and CPO that dealers do..
For what it is its an excellent car im just looking for a change....