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Originally Posted by VVG View Post
12. Invest a a good radar detector and laser jammer. If they save you once, they have paid themselves off when you consider ticket and insurance costs.
I do agree with all you say, however, with all respect if you need item 12 you are driving too fast.

I use the 10% rule and "follow the flow" ... that is to say

a) if there is no traffic at all around me I drive no more then 10% above the posted speed limit.

b) in normal traffic I follow the traffic flow at safe distance of course. If I come up on a slow poke, I'll overtake him/her in style for I have the power under the hood.

I do drive the m3 primarily for 2 reasons;

1) for the safety margin (in power and handling) it provides my first m3 a e46 did save my life (while overtaking a 18 wheeler he came into my lane and almost pushed me over the cliff - putting the pedal to the metal and leaning on the horn woke up the truck driver and properly saved both our lives. I know this for I made it out off harms way and I saw him recovering his rick in my rear view mirror).


2) see item 1 again.
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