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Question Low end of the market M3 pushing it?

hey everyone first post, today I hit half my target goal for a weekend sports car and have 6 more months to raise the rest. (40k total)

I've noticed there are a few E46 M3s under 50K now, thing is I want the SMG and I think that is just asking for trouble at this price point no?

Alternatively I could save longer and go into the 50k+ range but I'm not sure how much longer I can wait.

Have had some time with the car already and I love it, counting down the months till I can actually start looking for one without "dreaming"

The car will only be driven on the weekends and randomly during the week should I need to drive anywhere, my work is less than 6 minutes from my house so no point driving.

I have a lot of reading up to do and research ahead of me before I get myself into a bitter lemon.