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Drives: slower than I'd like
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Location: Southern California

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Username: NAForever
Region: SoCal
Dealership Name: Beverly Hills BMW
Sales or Service: Service
Name of Salesperson/Advisor: Don't remember
Overall Experience (1 lowest 5 highest): Can I give them a 0?
Work Performed/Attempted: Oil Change, Fog Light Out
Recommended? (Yes or No): No
Additional Comments: Worst ever, took forever to complete an oil change and the SA had a terrible attitude about it. Acted as if I was a major burden and he was doing me a favor. Isn't surprising I'm in an M3 and he's in a 328.

I believe in 2nd chances, so this time maybe 1 year later I had a foglight out in my e60 which was under warranty. This time, the SA (different guy) tried to charge me $140 for a diagnostic test stating figuring out how to replace the light could endanger the techs Forever lost my business.